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Latest version: 1.10

We keep improving and implementing incredible features: Dynamic channels creation on async broker service!

Here is some of the cool stuff that you will be able to do for your IoT projects: Now you can create dynamically channels to publish/subscribe and receive events notifications between all the devices running your mat|r app.


It allows the user to schedule time slots to make a call to a function

Modules and Functions.

Mat|r Script allows you to write more reusable, efficient and organized code. The modules provide a mechanism for grouping variables and functions. The functions are autonomous code blocks that make possible to run code statements.


You may generate a project and later import it into your IDE to publish your application mat | r in the stores of the supported platforms: Google Play and App Store.

Validations XSD

One way to help validate your code is through XSD

Async I

This version allows the creation of channels, and sending and receiving asynchronous messages through MQTT protocol between Smartphone devices. This runs on Amazon (AWS-IOT)

Apps Fork

Collaborating with the community of developers is very simple with fork, You can copy, edit code and generate your own applications from existing mat|r applications and libraries

Mat|r Viewer UI

Now it is much easier to access your profile and the organization to which you belong. In addition, you can access several useful options during the development of your app through the gesture "shake" of your device.

Async II

You will be able connect IoT devices with Mat| r devices using MQTT messaging with this implementation. Mat | r performs the provision of devices directly in AWS.

Invoke Function

From UI Builder, you may set a function with Invoke by clicking or selecting all the elements of the user interface in one event 


UI Upgrades

The view of projects and applications is cleaner,

The user can choose the theme of the editor.

Declare private Constants 

By means of constants you can make your application open source without worrying about filtering your private data, such as API keys from third-party services, tokens, etc.

UI Upgrades

Modeler view has been modified.

Folders have been added to separate all files from the modeler to work more neatly.


Now there are templates available to be used!

The apps templates are templates to expand and customize.

v 1.0

v 1.0

v 1.1

v 1.2

v 1.2

v 1.3

v 1.3

v 1.4

v 1.5

v 1.6

v 1.6

v 1.7


Now you can access the search to replace words!

Cmd Shift F: search and replace words of multiple files.

Cmd F: search and replace words in a single file.

Backup and Restore

You can make your app backup easily.

A zip is downloaded with the backup of your app.

You upload the zip and restore your app easily with Restore

v 1.7

v 1.7

v 1.8

What features or functions would you like to see added in Mat|r?

Previous releases and Features added

Bug fixing

Fix missing createDate in account data

Bug fixing and improvements

Change application name when forking an app / lib.

Channel actions after restoring an app.

General fixes:

- Discussions are not located exclusively within the Forum.

- Loading wheel fixes.

v 1.9

v 1.9.1

Share your app

Share your own application with your contacts by sending an invitation code to load the app from the mat|r viewer . No need to sign up in the platform

v 1.9.2

Blue Now  

Available mat|r libraries


Google place




twitter library

Reuse libraries while saving development time.

Learn more about this functionality here> Libraries

Easy configuration

Time Saving

Money Saving

Learn how to use mat|r in Spanish.

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Upcoming implementations

Async Dynamic Channels

Create channels dynamically from Mat|r|script code without having to have them pre-existing in your app. You can create, update and delete your channels dynamically while you run your application on different devices.

Push notifications

Mat|r will ease the delivery of unlimited notifications in real time on the user's home screen for iPhone and Android.

Easy to configure, it does not require any plugin


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